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You think you are safe eating organic fruits and vegetables. What happened this week on the news should open people’s eyes.
All over the internet and news, it talked about the deadly bacteria on some organic fruits being sold at some of the top stores like, Trader Joe’s, Costco etc. And yes, it was bad enough to have them recalled and yes, they were organic.
Have you ever thought about this? How many times do you think this same thing happened and no one posted it? How about what has not been found, and your family is eating it?
There is a technology from Japan that cleans the toxic chemicals and some deadly bacteria off your fruits and vegetables. It has been used in Japan for the past 4 decades. It is Alkaline-Inonized water.
If you think you are cleaning that poison off by rinsing your food with tap water, it is not going to happen you need something much stronger than that. You need to know that they are using oil based pesticides. You know oil and water do not mix. When it rains the pesticide will not come off of the fruits and vegetables, that is why I said you need something much stronger and chemical free.
By using the medical grade high 11.5 alkaline water, it will cut through the oil and remove the pesticides. The device also produces a strong acidic water that has a pH of 2.5, and it will kill 99.9% of all bacteria. It also is effective on bacteria like MERSA (flesh eating disease) ECOLI, skin infections, diabetic ulcers etc.
This medical device also produces the best possible water you can drink, 9.5 alkaline drinking water.
Watch the short video on how we clean our fruits and vegetables; take the time to watch it, it is short but right to the point, or just ignore it if you enjoy pesticides on your food.
Alkaline-Inonized water removes pesticides on vegetables and fruits:

Some of you might have seen the report that Dr. Oz did on his show about pesticides on store bought fruits and vegetables and what they found on organic fruits and vegetables if you have not seen the report do you and your family a favor and watch this you will be shocked.
Before you watch the video, I want to mention that the FDA has said there could be up to 60 to 80 different types of pesticides on your fruit and vegetables, this is some scary stuff.
Dr Oz on dangers of pesticides on fruits and vegetables:
For free information go to:
Message me to get your free sample.


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